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Hi! I'm Dr. Jennifer Wells. I am a full-time college professor of writing and former high school teacher who has been teaching students how to improve their relationship with writing for 20 years. Since the teaching of writing is both my own area of academic research and what I do for a living, I am constantly to revising my strategies and approaches to reflect current best practices in writing instruction.

While I was directing a high school writing center, I began offering college application essay writing workshops for our high school's seniors.  I loved helping students discover that the experiences they often thought were mundane (like working at a Hallmark store or putting on socks in the morning) provided ample material for their college application essays.  It was extremely rewarding for me to guide the students, step by step, through crafting their first drafts, and then to encourage them through multiple rounds of revision.  The highest compliment I received was when a student would finish their draft and exclaim, "It sounds like me!"

I have now been teaching college for a decade and have partnered with a number of education-focused nonprofit organizations to offer workshops through colleges, local high schools, and community centers.  I've also continued to work with students individually. However, my reach has been geographically limited.

I started Dr. JDub's School of Writing in order to be able to expand this support to students no matter where they are located, what their educational background is, or what colleges they want to apply to.  I look forward to working with students, schools, and nonprofits all over the country -- and world!

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