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College application essays are more important than ever,

yet many students don't get the guidance they deserve.

For the past 17 years, I have been teaching college application

essay writing workshops, first through the high school writing center I directdStudents will be guided,

step by step, through the process of writing memorable

college application essays.

Students enrolled in the course have access to:

  • On-demand tutorials and activities.

  • Livestream Q&A, workshopping & writing group sessions.

  • Peer community, resource sharing, and support.


The on-demand workshop contains 10 modules. I have scaffolded each one to guide students through the process of writing their college application essay(s), one step at a time.

Inside each module are tutorials and activities that include both written and video instruction so students can choose what medium works best for them.  

Students can work at their own pace, review past tutorials, and post questions for clarification after each activity.  

Sample Modules Include:​​

  • Who Am I? Telling A Memorable Story Through Small Details

  • Does This Make Sense? Going From The First To Final Drafts

  • Where Do I Go From Here? Transferring Your Knowledge To College Writing

Live-Stream Events

In addition to the on-demand modules, tutorials, and activities, students also have access to weekly livestream events with me, such as Q&A, workshopping, and writing group sessions.  These video events provide students the real-time feedback typically available in a live workshop. All live videos are recorded and available after the event for students who miss that week's livestreams.

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 7.54.56 PM.png

Community Hub

The Hub is the heart of the course community.  Here, both students and I can post questions, share ideas, recommend tools, ask for/offer feedback, and provide support.  Discovery is curated to reflect the best of the best of the Hub content.  Highlighted Hashtags allow a student to do a quick search of the Hub by topic, e.g., #timemanagement.

A.G., Student

"I 100% believe that the admission essay workshop that I took part in ... changed the course of my college career. I was always so insecure about my writing skills. I know what I want to say, but sometimes I have trouble putting the ideas onto paper. Dr. Wells gave me the tools (which I still use to this day) that I needed to write an essay that would have me admitted into my dream school.”

S.N., Student

"This is my favorite essay that I have ever written." 

C.E., Mentor

"Dr. Wells is a rock star! If you work with students applying to college, I'd suggest that you ditch all the books you have about how to write a college essay and sign up for her workshop. The sessions are interactive, engaging, and comprehensive." 


Come for the information.

Stay for the support.

*Billed monthly. Cancel at any time before the next billing cycle. Sorry, refunds are not available once course content has been accessed.
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