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Start Writing: A Course for Perfectionists and Procrastinators

Learn how to establish a writing schedule or routine that works for you.   Along the way, you'll discover strategies for getting started, breaking apart large projects into smaller pieces, and staying motivated.  Tips may be especially useful for those writing with ADHD.


College Application Essay Writing Workshop

Created for college-bound students working through the process of writing a college application essay.  You'll analyze sample essays; brainstorm topics; generate details; experiment with organization; explore tools for drafting; and apply techniques for revision. Includes access to live Q& A and workshopping sessions.

Click here for an overview of the course and here for a tour of the course features available to members.


Transitioning to College Writing

Ideal for students starting college in the fall.  Learn from a college professor of writing about how to successfully transition from writing for high school writing for college.  Lessons cover topics like understanding writing beliefs and behaviors, dealing with unfamiliar genres, and finding and using campus resources that first-time-in-college students often overlook.

Have an Idea for a Course?

Don't see a course that interests you?  Let me know, and I may develop one!

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