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I'm Dr. Jennifer Wells, professor of writing!


For the past twenty years, I have been helping high school and college students have positive experiences with writing.

It is normal for student writers to feel overwhelmed, to not know what to write about, or to struggle with perfectionism and/or procrastination.  I am here to help.

I specialize in college application essay writing and the high school to college transition. Personal narrative is my favorite genre, or type of writing, to teach. My goals are always for students to be proud of what they submit and to feel like their essay really sounds like them.  

In addition to working with students directly, I love to partner with teachers, mentors, guidance counselors, education focused nonprofits, and philanthropic organizations in order to provide access for all students.

Please explore my courses and coaching to discover how we can work together!  

Dr. Jennifer Wells of Dr. JDub's School of Writing, offers college application essay writing help as well as other writing courses.

Arianna G., Workshop Participant

"I 100% believe that the admission essay workshop that I took part in at North Port High School changed the course of my college career. I was always so insecure about my writing skills. I know what I want to say, but sometimes I have trouble putting the ideas onto paper. Dr. Wells gave me the tools (which I still use to this day) that I needed to write an essay that would have me admitted into my dream school.”

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