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College Application Essay Writing Workshop Packages For Schools and Nonprofit Organizations

The college application essay is more important than ever. Yet, as I know from my own years teaching high school, teachers and counselors schools are already overburdened by doing what has to be done to meet curricular and community expectations.  

  • There is often little room in a 12th grade curriculum (even less for AP, IB, or AICE) for a unit on writing personal narrative essays; for teachers who do try, class sizes make giving feedback during the drafting process extremely difficult.

  • Outside of class, my colleagues, particularly in English, were overwhelmed by students asking for help with their essays during lunch and after school. 

  • My friends in college counseling were similarly working nonstop to help students and families navigate the entire application process, including filling out FAFSA, while also writing letters of recommendation for each student on their lengthy roster. 


Nonprofit educational organizations have stepped up by offering workshops or calling upon adult mentors who work with students.  However, many mentors wish they had more training in writing college application essays so they could better serve their mentees.

Having taught high school, I know that my on-demand college application essay writing workshop can carry some of the instructional load that often falls on overburdened teachers and counselors.  For nonprofit organizations, I can support your adult mentors as they work with students participating in the on-demand course.  Please scroll down for further details about how the workshop can support teachers, counselors, schools, and nonprofit organizations.  To learn about additional services I offer, such as live workshops, please click here.

How My Workshop Can Help

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